Best App to Print iPhone Messages (SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp)

Printing messages conversations can be pretty easy once you know some iPhone messages transfer programs. This post listed two professional iPhone messages transfer apps you may like to use for printing iPhone messages.

I’ve experienced some tedious and time-consuming methods to print the text messages on my iPhone. For instance, I took screenshots to record a part of my messages, saved them to photos app and then share them to a computer for printing. It worked but obviously is not suitable for printing a complete message conversation.

To export and print messages from my iPhone easily, I tested some iPhone messages transfer apps, and here I’ll share two apps that I think could give you an easy way to print text messages, iMessages and even WhatsApp chats on your iPhone, no matter for court or other reasons.

  1. How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?
  2. What Defines One “Good” App to Print Message Conversation?
  3. Best Apps to Print Text Messages and iMessages on iPhone

How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?

In fact,  some iPhone transfer apps have the ability to extract messages, and WhatsApp conversations from iTunes backups as printable document files like PDF and HTML.

Therefore, after you backup your iPhone using iTunes, you can use these apps to get the messages from the iTunes backup and then print iPhone messages easily using the printer that hooked up to your computer.

How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work
How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work

What Defines One Good Program to Print Messages?

As one professional app for transferring and printing iPhone messages and WhatsApp, firstly it should be able to print all types of messages such as SMS, MMS, iMessages, WhatsApp chat history, and attachments. Besides, the process should be easy and simple to follow. At last, the price should be reasonable.

Almost all iPhone messages transfer apps work in Windows and Mac computer. Therefore, the best app should be compatible with the popular computer operating system, like Windows 10, Windows 8 and macOS.  In addition, it ought to support all iPhone generations, of course, including the new iPhone XS and XR.

Top Best Apps to Export and Print Messages on iPhone [Updated in 2019]

1. iMazing – Offer “Print” button.

iMazing is one of the best iPhone transfer apps that I’ve introduced before. And the feature I like most is the clean interface, which makes the messages transferring easy in clicks.

Print text message conversations iPhone
Print text message conversations iPhone

iMazing can automatically extract text messages, iMessages and WhatsApp from the latest iPhone backup or help you create one new iTunes backup using your iPhone instead of asking you to do these jobs manually. In addition, iMazing is the only app I found that provide with the “Print” button that you can use to quickly print iPhone SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp chats.

Just like other similar apps, iMazing also allows you to preview the message contents and to choose several or all the messages/conversations for printing. Download iMazing Free Trial

WhatsApp is widely used by people around the world, and the WhatsApp messages exporting and printing feature is newly added to iMazing 2 recently. With this feature, you can preview, export and 1-click print selected chats and attachments of WhatsApp on a Mac or a Windows PC. 

Export and Print WhatsApp Messagse on iPhone
Export and Print WhatsApp Messagse on iPhone

2. Decipher TextMessages – Focus on iPhone messages

I choose Decipher TextMessages because it is the special app that I found focus on managing only the iPhone messages. It can transfer, print and recover messages on your iPhone. It is cheaper than iMazing. 

This app is developed by Decipher Tools which is located in San Francisco, USA. The company offers you the local phone number that you can use to get a quick response when you face any problem using the app to print messages.

To print text messages, Decipher TextMessages will firstly ask you to make an iPhone backup to computer. Next, it will auto import text messages from your iTunes backups. You can select the latest backup to preview message conversations, extract message to PDF for printing. Download Decipher TextMessage

Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher
Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher

Top 5 Move to iOS Alternative Apps to Transfer Data from Android to New iPhone iPad

Move to iOS app didn’t work, and you are considering a replacement? Read this post to get 5 top best Move to iOS Alternatives that we collected in 2018.

You may think that you can move everything from your Android phone to the new iPhone XS/XR or the 2019 iPad Air using Move to iOS app that you think the best app to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

But after trying it out, you found this app was so complex to use or even didn’t work? In fact, the users’ rating for Move to iOS is not so good – it got only 3 stars of average ratings on Google Play.

Move to iOS app ratings and reviews
Move to iOS app ratings and reviews

To smoothly migrate data from Android to iPhone iPad, you may need a replacement of Move to iOS app. In this post, we collected 5 professional Android to iPhone transfer tools that you can take as replacements. Now let’s take a look at these apps.

Top 5 Move to iOS Alternative Apps I Collected in 2018 and 2019

There are some best apps to transfer data from Android to iPhone. I’ve been collecting this kind of apps since 2018 and I’ve recently added some new apps to this list on March 2019. And just enjoy them!

  1. AnyTrans (Free)
  2. Dr.Fone ($35)
  3. Syncios Mobile Data Transfer ($39.95)
  4. FoneCopy ($39)
  5. MOBILedit Phone Copier (9.9)

Most of these apps require you to connect devices to the computer using USB cables since this could be stable for transferring large numbers of files. (Generally, it would be more stable using cables than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to start a connection.)

Most of these apps are not free. I’ve tried my best to get free ones but found that most of the free apps don’t support 1-Click migrate data from Android iPhone to iPhone iPad. Fortunately, I got AnyTrans.

AnyTrans for iOS – Move to iOS Feature (Free)

AnyTrans is one of excellent iPhone transfer apps developed by iMobie. In 2018, it added a completely free feature to help all new iOS users migrate data from their old Android devices.

As one of the top Move to iOS Alternatives, this app can be better than Move to iOS since it would be more stable to transfer all or only some specific items that you want from Android to iPhone.

Supported Data Types

Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos, Books, Messages, Call Logs, Ringtones, and Files.

Supported iPhone

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Move to iOS Alternative: Dr.Fone – Switch ($35+)

Dr.Fone – Switch by Wondershare is one of best phone transfer apps that you should have as one alternative to Move to iOS app. Its neat and simple interface helps you easily put your important data like photos messages and contacts between Android and iOS in a few clicks.

With nice device compatibility for Android models, you can take it to get things easily moved to your new iPhone from various android brands including Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Huawei, LG, Motorola and so on.

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Songs and Videos.

Supported iPhone:

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Syncios Mobile Data Transfer ($39.95)

This Mobile Data Transfer developed by Syncios is another data transfer app working on Windows and Mac. Similar to Dr.Fone Switch, it is also developed for phone-to-phone transferring. Compatible with a large number of Android brands, this app will be another helper for people who want to move data from Android to iPhone and iPad.

Move to iOS similar app - SynciOS
Move to iOS similar app – SynciOS

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Songs, Call Log and Bookmarks.

Supported iPhone:

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

PhoneCopy for Windows by Aiseesoft ($39)

PhoneCopy by Aiseesoft is one PC-based app that you can take as one of Move to iOS alternatives to transfer contacts, photos, videos and songs from Android to iPhone. Just like AnyTrans and Dr.Fone, this app can auto convert your transferred files to be compatible with your targeted iOS device.  And only by a few clicks, you can finish the transfer process.

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Photos, Videos, Songs, and Ringtones.

Supported iPhone:

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

MOBILedit Phone Copier ($9.9)

Phone Copier is one of the professional Phone To Phone Data Transfer Software that are available for people who want to transfer between two smartphones. For Android to iOS switchers, this app can move contacts, messages, calendar and media files. After installing this app on both of your phones, you can begin your transfer between them in Bluetooth.

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Messages, Calendar and Media files.

Supported iPhone:


Last, if there is some freeway of migrating data between phones, please don’t hesitate to comment on my post to share it. This would be very helpful.

Top Best iPhone Data Recovery Software You Could Have A Try in 2019

I collected more than 15 iPhone data recovery apps, including Dr.fone, PhoneRescue, Fonepaw, Enigma Recovery, etc. In this post, I’d like to share my collected apps and show my opinion on what make the best iPhone data recovery software. [Jan 2019 updated]

In the USA, over 40 percents of people use iPhone, and thousands of them are struggling in data loss every day due to reasons like iOS update fail, device broken or factory reset. For retrieving lost data, some iOS users like to use professional apps. But, which data recovery software is worth trying and can be the best one for the iPhone?

  1. iPhone data recovery software comparison list
  2. Dr.Fone – Recovery (iOS) 
  3. Phonerescue for iOS
  4. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery
  5. Enigma Recovery for iPhone
  6. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery
  7. How to get the “Best” iPhone recovery app?
  8. How do these apps work?

My collected best iPhone data recovery apps with price, money-back guarantee and my rating

I’ve tested all iPhone recovery programs I could access to recover deleted data on my iPhone, and finally picked out these top apps according to my best iPhone data recovery criteria.

These apps did get back something, such as text messages and pictures, and was able to retrieve files from my iPhone backups. Below are my ratings for these apps, as well as the price and money back guarantee they offer. (I’ve recently updated this app reviews list on Feb 2019)

My Reviews My Rating Start Price Money-Back Guarantee
Dr.Fone ★★★★☆ $69.95 7 Days
PhoneRescue ★★★★☆ $49.99 60 Days
FonePaw ★★★☆☆ $89.95 30 Days
Enigma ★★★☆☆ $59.99 30 Days
FoneLab ★★★☆☆ $79.95 30 Days

1. Dr.Fone – Recover (iPhone Data Recovery)

Wondershare’s Dr.Fone gives you a full toolkit to fix the problems on your mobile. And its Dr.Fone -Recover (iOS) is specially developed for finding deleted data from your iOS devices and retrieving data from your iOS backups. If you’ve accidentally deleted something on your iPhone, Dr.Fone would be very helpful to get them back.

This app works on the computer. And I’ve installed Dr.Fone on my Windows computer, and tested it for retrieving my deleted messages on my iPhone 7, and it worked well to get back some of my lost messages that Abbie sent me. And it also gets back some images I’ve attached to the conversation.

recover text messages on iPhone – Dr Fone iPhone Data Recovery

The recovery feature – Restore from iTunes backup file is really good for people who have ever synced or backed up their device to iTunes. This feature allows me to preview and extract the pictures, call history, old messages, and other things hidden in the backup files on my computer.

recover from iTunes backup file - Wondershare Dr.Fone
recover from iTunes backup file – Wondershare Dr.Fone

This software provides with a free trial for users to scan and preview deleted data. But if you want to recover the lost data to your device or print the data as some document files, you have to buy its full version license to remove the free trial limitations.

DoFone for iOS Free VS Paid
DoFone for iOS Free VS Paid

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and Mac OS  X 10.6 – 10.14 (macOS Mojave ). Dr.Fone for iOS Discount Link >>

2. PhoneRescue for iOS – Best for Messages Recovery

There are lots of data recovery software for iOS devices but few of them is close to PhoneRescue when comes to messages recovery. (Based on my test, this app can find more deleted messages than other similar apps, although it cannot recover all deleted items.)

This app is known for its Compare function which can automatically pick out those files that stored in your iPhone backup file but disappeared from your mobile device. This is good for quickly finding your lost iPhone data from backups.

Use Compare to Find Your Disappeared Data on iPhone
Use Compare to Find Your Disappeared Data on iPhone

Similar to Dr.Fone, PhoneRescue also released one free trial version through which you can scan the deleted data and know whether there is something recoverable.  However, if you want to preview all deleted items or recover them to your iOS device, you have to pay at least $49.99 to activate the recover function.

Get Free Trial on PhoneRescue Page >>

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, both 32bit and 64bit; macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8.

3. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

FonePaw provides mobile users with many useful solutions including the data recovery service we are talking about. Its iPhone data recovery app performs a good job in retrieving data for people are regretting deleting files on iPhone and iPad.

Just like PhoneRescue and Dr.Fone, FonePaw also gives three modes to get back deleted files from iPhone: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud. You can choose any mode according to your situation. For instance, if your iPhone was stolen or lost, you can try to recover from iTunes backup or from iCloud.

Based on my tests, this software is good for recovering data from iTunes and is capable of finding deleted items directly from the iPhone via its Recover from iOS Device mode.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

But it’s not perfect because FonePaw can’t access my iCloud backup.

Failed to Access iCloud Backup using FonePaw
Failed to Access iCloud Backup using FonePaw

Besides, it isn’t free software, also. And its trial version has limitations.

FonePaw Free vs Paid for iPhone data recovery
FonePaw Free vs Paid for iPhone data recovery

And you should notice that this app can’t get the deleted data back to the iPhone, but only save the deleted items as files like PDF.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, both 32bit and 64bit; Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.14.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Discount Link >>

4. Enigma Recovery for iPhone

Enigma Recovery would be another professional data recovery tool for iOS users.  Just like PhoneRescue, it offers 3 modes to assist you to retrieve lost files on iPhone and iPad. Besides, it’s the only app that offers support via telephone calls in UK/USA areas.

Enigma Recovery Review - Scan deleted data from my iPhone 8
Enigma Recovery Review – Scan deleted data from my iPhone 8

Based on my test, Enigma did well on extracting my lost files from iPhone backup, and 100% safe without the virus. However, it failed to access my iCloud backup, and couldn’t connect my iOS 12 device. You can read my full review of Enigma Recovery in this 2018 to get the detailed info.

Cannot recover from iCloud - Enigma RecoveryCannot recover from iCloud - Enigma Recovery
Cannot recover from iCloud – Enigma Recovery

This software is not free and charges from 59.99 dollars.

5. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

FoneLab is designed by Aiseesoft Studio, one famous software developer dedicated to producing mobile, multimedia and PDF Tools. I’ve downloaded it to my Windows 10 computer and used its data recovery function to retrieve my deleted texts.

As I found, FoneLab is quite similar to FonePaw on the interface and the features. These two apps may be the same app but with different interface and price.  FoneLab’s price started from $79.95, and FonePaw from $89.95.

6. Other iPhone data recovery apps I’ve used.

Besides the above apps, I’ve also tested other iPhone recovery apps, which have similar features to those I listed above. And almost all these apps can recover a few pieces of information and files on my iPhone device.

  • Tenorshare UltData
  • iMyFone D-Back
  • MobiSaver for iOS
  • ApowerRescue
  • EasyRecovery for iPhone
  • Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone
  • iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery
  • Leawo iOS Data Recovery
  • Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery
  • Disk Drill 3
  • Phone Saver
  • Tipard iOS Data Recovery

What makes the best iPhone data recovery(My Personal Opinion )?

The best iPhone data recovery in my eyes is the one with an easy and quick recovery speed, a good compatibility and data recovery capability, and NO Virus. Of course, the price should be reasonable if the app is not free, at least, not expensive than individual data recovery service from local iOS experts.

For me, the primary considerations in choosing one iPhone data recovery app are the iPhone compatibility and data recovery capability. The best iPhone recovery app is ought to be compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, and be able to recover a variety of data types/formats, like messages, photos, and contacts.

Secondly, I would like a simple recovery process. The design of the recovery app should be clean and easy to understand so that the app can quickly navigate users to where the users want to go. That means the best iPhone data recovery program should have an easy and quick recovery process.

Finally, as one software, I care about whether it’s safe since some virus may be hidden in the app installers. So before using any iPhone data recovery software I would like to scan them from virus using security software.

How do these apps work to recover data on an iPhone?

1. These apps offer you two methods to recover data.

In general, almost all of these iPhone data recovery software support recovering your lost data in two methods, retrieving data from iPhone directly without backup and extracting data from iPhone backup you made using iTunes or iCloud.

2. These apps work on the computer.

All of these apps are working on Windows PC or Mac because as one professional iPhone data recovery tool, they should be able to extract files and info from iTunes backup for retrieving when the iPhone was lost, damaged, stolen or crashed.

3, They are commercial software with a free trial version.

Some of these apps are called “Free”, but it’s not real. They are actually commercial software developed by independent software vendors. And these vendors offer some free trials with many limitations.

TOP 3 Best Free Android File Encryption Apps I Collected in 2018

If you’re searching for some best Android file encryption software in 2018, you’ve come to the right place. Here I share 3 free apps that use passwords to carefully protect your sensitive and important apps/files on your Android device.

You know that you can setup the lock-screen to protect all the data on phone and tablet. But this is only some basic setting to keep things safe, and it is still possible that your locked screen device be hacked by some people.

In order to keep privacy files and apps always be safe from malicious attack, you can also use some Android encryption apps to lock specific apps and files via passcode, pattern or fingerprint. Thus your important files will always be hidden from the unauthorized users, and be safe always.

  1. How to Choose Best Android File Encryption App?
  2. The File Encryption Apps I Collected for Android Users

How to choose best Android File Encryption app?

There are so many file encryption apps on Google Play store or other Android app publishing platform. So how could you get the perfect one for you?

In general, the best Android File Encryption app ought to have the basic features to encrypt files, app and app data in usual methods like Passcode, Pattern and Fingerprint. And it should supports a wide range of Android operation system and phone brands, whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the HTC One. And the most importantly, for me, I would like some free apps that have no ads inserted.

Best Android file encryption apps I collected in 2018

My Reviews My Rating Start Price Ads Inserted
SSE File/Text Encryption ★★★★☆ Free Yes
BluePrints AppLock 2018 ★★★★★ Free No
Egosecure Encryption AnyWhere ★★★☆☆ Free No

SSE – File/Text Encryption & Password Vault (with in-app purchases)

S.S.E (Secret Space Encryptor) is an all-in-one Android encryption app with the functions of managing passwords and encrypting files & texts. By using various strong algorithms like AES and RC6, it could protect your messages, notes and file from any unwanted readers.

To encrypt one file or folder is pretty simple, just open this app and go to File Encryptor, select file or folder and tap Encrypt Dir. After input your password, the file/folder will be encrypted.

BluePrints AppLock 2018 (Free)

BluePrints AppLock is one of best encryption apps for Android I’ve met. This app offers lots of free functions for Android users to protect privacy and personal information, like the function to hide images/videos and the feature to encrypt apps. I like it because of its simple interface and no ads inserted.

BluePrints Applock 2018
BluePrints Applock 2018

As one of perfect app lockers, it can protect your Android apps from unauthorized persons by locking them with passcode, pattern and fingerprint. Additionally, it can also record the head picture of intruders who attacks this app by keep typing wrong passcode.

EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere (Free)

EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere is one file manager with file encryption capabilities. It can encrypt any file with password to protect it from unauthorized access when they are stored on Android device or in cloud storage. And you can also transfer the encrypted files via Internet to your friends or family. After receiving, they can decrypt the file using the password you set via EgoSecure.

This Android file encrypt app is completely free and you can download if from Google. And this company also offers the Windows version that you can use on a PC.

2018 Enigma Recovery Review, does it work to recover iPhone data?

Does Enigma Recovery work to get back lost data on your iPhone and iPad? Just check my test results and my review about Enigma Recovery to know the real pros and cons of this app.

Install Enigma Recovery
Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery by Enigma Digital Ltd was named “SmartPhone Recovery” in 2013. Three years later, it got the new name “Enigma Recovery”.

Similar to other computer-based iPhone data recovery software, Enigma Recovery runs on the PC (XP, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10) and the Mac (OS versions 10.5 to 10.13), and enables you to recover lost data.

In this Enigma Recovery review, I’ll share my test results, and give you my views on its price, safety and compatibility.

  1. Does Enigma Recovery Work
  2. Enigma Recovery Supported Data Types
  3. Is Enigma Recovery Safe
  4. Enigma Recovery Cost: Fee VS Paid
  5. Pros and Cons of Enigma Recovery
  6. Enigma Recovery Similar Apps

Does Enigma Recovery Work?

Enigma Recovery was designed for you to recover data on iOS, Android and SD Cards. And for iOS, it has 3 modes for you to recover data, including Recover from Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud.

How about Recover from Device?

Based on my test, Enigma Recovery can recover only a few data types from my device directly. Below is the scan result of the items that I can recover from my iPhone device using Enigma Recovery. It shows that there are 64 contacts, 143 calendars, 15 notes and 266 calls that I can directly recover to my iPhone.

Enigma Recovery Review - Scan deleted data from my iPhone 8
Enigma Recovery Review – Scan deleted data from my iPhone 8

But after checking the list, there is only a few data that I recently deleted. And there occurred some errors that Enigma could fix in the future.

Errors (Need to improved): 

  • Cannot connect to iOS 12: There was a connect error for iOS 12 device. When I connect my iOS 12 device to Enigma Recovery, it told me to trust my computer, but I’ve trusted, and it require me to re-connect my iPhone to computer. But after that, it still cannot connect to my deivce. So I have to change to connect my iPhone 8 (running in iOS 11).
  • Unknown messages: When I clicked to view the scan result for messages and filtered my deleted message conversations, it appeared that the names and phone numbers were “Unknown”.
Recover deleted messages on my iPhone 8 using Enigma Recovery
Unknown messages error while using Enigma Recovery

How about Recover from iTunes Backup?

Like other similar apps, Enigma Recovery did well to access data from iTunes backup files on my computer. And after choosing one backup, I can scan the backup to preview backup contents, and extract data from the backup to my device or my computer.

Need to Improved: It would be better if this app can auto compare the data between iOS device and backup file to get the differences. (PhoneRescue has already released this kind of feature.)

How about Recover from iCloud?

Enigma can’t get my data that I stored in my iCloud. And I got a login error when I tried logging in iCloud with Enigma Recovery, and it required me to check my login details and try again, but it was the correct Apple ID and password, I was sure. And I’ve tried another time using my college’s Apple ID, the same result.

Cannot recover from iCloud - Enigma RecoveryCannot recover from iCloud - Enigma Recovery
Cannot recover from iCloud – Enigma Recovery

What Data Type Enigma Can Recover?

During the tests, I can use Enigma Recovery to get some contacts, message, call logs, calendars and notes that I’ve deleted. But it can’t get my deleted photos, videos, and attachments in Notes and Messages app.

Is Enigma Recovery Safe to Use? Any Virus?

This app is safe to use, and easy to install and uninstall. I’ve used virus scanner to scan this app, and found no virus there. And I’ve successfully to uninstall it from my computer after the test. So take it easy to install it on your computer to recover your lost data.

Enigma Recovery Free VS Paid

Enigma Recovery free trial is limited for recovering only 5 deleted items and 20 existed items for each app on a device. For instance, you can use its free trial to recover 5 deleted conversations on your Messages app or extract 20 conversations from your iPhone backup. But you cannot use it to restore them back to your device, and there is no tech support available for you.

And it offer you 3 types of lifetime license key, for only 1 iOS device, 3 device and unlimited. And the price is $59.99, $69.99 and $199.9, which is a little more expensive than its competitors.

Pros and Cons of Enigma Recovery (My Personal View)

Enigma Recovery will get some of your deleted data from your iPhone and iPad device, but not all of them. My tests show it can’t recover media files, and can’t recover from iCloud. And the only feature I recommend you to use is recover from iTunes backup it provides. Generally, Enigma Recover is a little expensive comparing to its competitors, and need to be improved on its features.

Enigma Recovery Similar Apps

I’ve tried to collect all iPhone data recovery apps, similar to Enigma Recovery, and tested them to get the best one. As I found, almost all iOS based data recovery apps were actually not working to recover data on iPhone and iPad.

And some computer based recovery apps did recover data, and you can have a try, but don’t expect them to recover all your lost data. You can check my 2018 top iPhone data recovery software list here to get the alternatives to Enigma Recovery