Top 7 Apps to Print Text Messages from Android Phone

The information is quickly exchanged every day and people discuss the most important and sensitive matters using text messages. Some message conversations on Android built-in Messages may be so valuable for you to be printed out for legal matters of court, or just for backing up or sharing.

If you want to print messages from an Android phone, you can take a screenshot and then print it out as PDF. But it may not easy to print the whole message conversation with the attached files, the send time, and the contact info. That may be the reason why you need a professional app!

Best App to Print Text Messages from Android Phone

We know the exact struggle of not finding that perfect app that is compatible with your phone for message printing at the right time. So we tested some software and apps based on some metrics and finally made this top list.

Review List My Rating Price OS
Legal Text Collector ★★★★★ $1 Android
SMS Backup+ ★★★★☆ Free Android
Droid Transfer ★★★★☆ $30 Win
iMobie AnyDroid ★★★☆☆ $29.99+ Win/Mac
MobiKin ★★★☆☆ $29.95+ Win/Mac
Coolmuster ★★★☆☆ $29.95+ Win/Mac
Apowersoft ★★☆☆☆ $39.99+ Win/Mac
Print messages for court with Legal Text Collector
Print messages for court with Legal Text Collector

Legal Text Collector is specially developed to print Android SMS for court purposes. With this Android app, you can easily convert SMS, MMS, and some RCS with images/attaches to printable and shareable PDF files.


  • Supports SMS, MMS, and some types of RCS.
  • Supports filters by date and contact name
  • Files can be shared by DropBox
  • Supports print text images and attaches.


  • Won’t print emoji.
  • $1.99 in-app purchase

2. SMS Backup+ – The Free App to Print Android Messages

Backup text messages to Gmail with SMS Backup
Backup text messages to Gmail with SMS Backup

SMS Backup+ is an app that you can download from Google Play Store, and it’s one of the easiest apps to use. It is able to automatically backs up your messages and call logs to your Gmail so that you can print your messages.


  • This app lets you connect your phone with PC easily to print messages
  • This software is free so you use it without any cost
  • This open-source app lets you back up your messages, call history, and MMS to Gmail account.
  • Available on Gmail as email conversations, easy to access any time on the computer.


  • The developer of the app doesn’t update the app regularly.
  • No updates can cause problems in-app to access the Gmail account.
  • Can’t select only some specific conversations to backup.
  • Can’t print message pictures and emoji.

This app gives many substantial benefits to an android user. You can use this app to print messages from Android Phone. You need to turn on IMAP for your Gmail account. Enabling IMAP is important as you can save your text messages easily.

3. Droid Transfer – Best App to Print Android Messages on PC

Print Android text messages with Droid Transfer
Print Android text messages with Droid Transfer

Droid Transfer is also one of the wonderful apps to print text messages from Android phones. It doesn’t matter if you want to print the messages for your loved ones or the legal matters of courts.


  • This app can save even your emojis, images sent in messages.
  • You can print the text messages easily by sorting the date range.
  • You can also manage photos, songs, and so on.


  • Doesn’t support Mac computer.
  • In the free version, copying music and photos is limited to 100 from Android to PC.

4. iMobie AnyDroid – Save Messages As HTML/TXT

AnyDroid by iMobie, originally called AnyTrans for Android, is a convenient and user-friendly Android data manage software running on Windows and Mac computer, with which you can easily export your Android text messages, contacts, call history, and calendar events as printable document formats like HTML. In this way, you can easily print your text messages.

Backup text messages on Android phone with AnyDroid
Backup text messages on Android phone with AnyDroid

Furthermore, this program also lets you freely move data to your new Android device from another smartphone, iTunes backup, or iCloud, as well as give you a free way to download unlimited videos online.


  • Export message conversation as TXT and HTML.
  • Support connecting your Android device through Wi-Fi without using the USB cable.
  • Support download Youtube online videos directly to your computer.


  • The free version exists for 3 days only.
  • The trial version only lets you transfer a limited number of items per day.
  • You have to download AnyDroid app to your Android phone first if you want to connect via Wi-Fi.

4. Mobikin Assistance for Android

Print text messages from Android using MobiKin
Print text messages from Android using MobiKin

This Android file transfer tool will be another app that you can use to print messages from Android Phones. This software helps you transfer your important text messages to PC from an android phone with a simple click. This software also helps in restoring files, sending and receiving texts on the computer, and backup files.


  • This app is great for managing messages, contacts, and call logs.
  • Export conversations as HTML, CSV, and TXT.
  • This app lets your PC connect with Android phones in two ways; Wifi and USB cable.
  • This app supports Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and is also compatible with mac. Also supports all the Android devices.


  • You have to register with a license code to enjoy all features of this app.
  • It only supports transferring call logs in XML format
  • Also, this app requires a mobile app installed if you want to connect via Wi-Fi.

5. Coolmuster Android Assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a safe technological advance app that can help people to export and print messages on Android phones. This app is compatible with almost all Android phones. You can import, export, delete, or resent text messages with this app.

Print text messages from Android phone with Coolmuster
Print text messages from Android phone with Coolmuster

It also helps you to back up your messages and restore files just by 1 click. And this app could be considered as one of the best apps to print messages for Android.


  • Provides a search bar with which you can select some specific messages for printing.
  • It could export text messages as HTML and TXT files with time and contact info.


  • It didn’t export the attached images.
  • Incompatibility issues can happen if you have backup data from another app and try to restore later from this tool.

7. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Just like AnyDroid and Droid Transfer, Apowersoft Phone Manager also provides you with a time-saving and convenient method to export Android text messages as printable documents for printing purposes. This software can be downloaded and installed on Windows and Mac and will export the message conversation as XML and Excel.


  • Export Android messages as XML and Excel.
  • Reply, send, forward, and edit text messages directly.
  • Backup and Restore your Android device.


  • Can’t export chat history as PDF or HTML.
  • Won’t print messages images.

How to choose a professional app to print messages from an Android phone?

The fact is that most of the easy to use and professional apps are not free. Therefore, when you decide to use or purchase an app to print text messages, there are some metrics you should consider in your mind.

1. System Compatibility

Firstly, the app should be compatible with your Android operating system. (You can find the compatibility from the specification of the app, and you can also directly download and have a try on the trial version of the application.)

Besides, some programs work on computers, so you’d better check whether it can be installed on your computer. (Normally, the professional programs will compatible with the recent versions of Windows and Mac)

2. Safe and Secure

Before allowing a third-party app to access your text messages, you should be sure the app itself is 100% safe. So you’d better download the program from the official website or Google Play.

3. Easy to Use

Remember that you need to find an app that is user-friendly and easy to use, which can make your work done within minutes.

The End

The fact cannot be ignored that business communication and every sensitive conversation take place on mobile phones now. When legal issues occur, Attorneys and law firm assistants require their clients to print messages for evidence.

This is crucial to present the printed messages before the judge as evidence for the hearing. Text messages print play a vital role as evidence in a trial. And all of the apps we provided above would do a good job to print messages from an Android phone. And we wish this post would be helpful.

Top 6 Best iOS System Recovery Software

Get 6 top best iOS system recovery programs to fix the iPhone system issues without requiring any tech skill. (Read my reviews on Reiboot, Dr.Fone system repair, Fixppo, Tuneskit, AnyFix, and RecBoot.)

Apple is well known for its high-quality iPhone and iPad devices. However, even Apple cannot immune to system issues happening on these devices. You know that each iOS update comes with complaints about the system bugs and issues, such as iPhone stucking problems and iTunes not connecting errors.

Actually, it’s not rocket science to do system recovery for some people who know well about technology and system knowledge. And it may spend only a few minutes to get the iOS system problem solved.

However, it may be different for you. Therefore, a handy tool will be a nice choice.

Top 6 Best iOS System Recovery Software List – No Technique Required

There are so many desktop-based system repair tools for iPhone and iPad. So I just listed some top ones that I think could be better than those I didn’t list. Notice that all these tools are commercial applications that are not free for all their features.

1. Tenorshare Reiboot

Tenorshare Reiboot
Tenorshare Reiboot

Reiboot by Tenorshare is a utility specially designed for iPhone system repair. With this tool, you can easily fix more than 150+ system issues you may face on Apple devices (Apple TV is also included).

The advantage of Reiboot is that it’s free of charge to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode ( error). And it’s fully compatible with the latest iOS 14 beta. That means, this tool also works if you get system issues while or after updating to the new betas.

2. iMyFone Fixppo

iMyFone Fixppo
iMyFone Fixppo

Fixppo is a professional iOS system recovery tool developed by iMyFone to help people get the iOS device system back to normal. And this product has been recommended by some famous tech sites like MacWorld and TechAdvisor.

Similar to Reiboot, Fixppo is also be used to help you get the device out of system stuck or connect problems when you want to sync, update, restore, and backup your iPhone and iPad. Moreover, the free edition also contains the feature of 1-click enter & exit Recovery Mode.

3. iMobie AnyFix

AnyFix iOS System Recovery
AnyFix iOS System Recovery

AnyFix is a brand-new iOS system repair tool developed by iMobie. With this tool, you can easily fix most of the iPhone, iPad and iTunes issues, including iPhone disable, iPhone won’t turn on, iPad screen frozen, iTunes won’t connect, and so on.

Just like Reiboot, AnyFix is also working on the computer and requires you to connect your devices first to start the fix process. What makes AnyFix different is its unique interface and longest 60-day money-back guarantee.

4. Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS)

DrFone iOS System Repair
DrFone iOS System Repair

Wondershare Dr.Fone is an all-in-one solution for iOS and Android users to recover data, transfer data, repair systems, etc. And its System Repair tool plays a role to fix system issues for its users. For iOS system recovery, this tool offers two modes – the Standard Mode and the Advanced Mode, which similar to the above software.

And the Standard Mode is used to fix 20 common issues like devices stuck on the back screen, Apple logo, or Recovery Mode. And if you cannot fix using the Standard Mode, the Advanced Mode may be helpful, but this mode has a disadvantage that is all your data will be erased. (Just like a factory resetting)

5, TunesKit iOS System Recovery

TunesKit iOS System Recovery
TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Tuneskit iOS System Recovery is another program to reset your iOS system to normal. And it can fix 30+ iOS issues. If you connected your device to this tool, you’ll find it just like a copy of Dr.Fone System Repair because both of them have the same recovery modes, will also require you to download firmware.

6, RecBoot – Free iPhone System Recovery

RecBoot was developed by a small team named CoreDevTeam in 2013. This program originally works only on Windows computers.  In 2016, another team developed an edition for Mac. And all these programs aim to exit/enter the Recovery Mode of the iPhone/iPad.

RecBoot vs ReiBoot/Fixppo

RecBoot is outdated after a long time of no version updates. And it has no advantages when compared to ReiBoot or Fixppo. But this freeware is still useful for some old iPhone users to get into recovery mode or fix devices stuck on Apple logo issue.

Conclusion (My personal take)

The theory behind all these iOS system recovery programs is almost the same actually. Most of the programs will reset your device to factory resetting and then restore your device to the latest firmware with the backup data.

For my personal take, I like AnyFix more because of its unique and easy-to-use interface, although the test results showed that the Reiboot and Fixppo were more stable to download firmware than others.

Top 5 Move to iOS Alternative Apps in 2020

This post shares 5 top programs to help you transfer data from Android to iPhone iPad by 1 click.

You may think that you can move everything from your Android phone to the new iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 using the Move to iOS app, and you may think it will be the best app to transfer data from Android to iPhone or iPad. But after trying it out, you found this app was so complex to use and even didn’t work? So you want to get a Move to iOS alternative app.

Move to iOS app ratings and reviews
Move to iOS app ratings and reviews

Top 5 Move to iOS Alternative Apps

We collected 5 professional Android to iPhone transfer tools that you can take as replacements of Move to iOS.  There are easy-to-use and they enable you to transfer data from Samsung, Huawei, or other Android phones to iOS devices by only 1 simple click.

  1. Wondershare MobileTrans
  2. iMobie AnyTrans
  3. Syncios Mobile Data Transfer
  4. MobileSync
  5. MOBILedit Phone Copier

1. Wondershare MobileTrans

MobileTrans by Wondershare is one of the best phone transfer apps that you can use as a Move to iOS similar app. Its neat and simple interface helps you easily put your important data like photos, messages, and contacts between two smartphones within a few clicks.

With good compatibility for Android models, you can take it to transfer data to your new iPhone iPad from various android brands like Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and so on.

Supported DataType:

Contacts, text messages, calendar, music, photos, and videos.

Supported iPhone:

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12.

2. AnyTrans

AnyTrans by iMobie provides you with one Phone Switch tool, which could be a wonderful Move to iOS alternative just like MobileTrans, to help you to migrate photos, music, videos, contacts, and other files from android to iPhone with 1 Click.

Besides move data to your new iPhone from an Android device, this app is able to copy your selected data to your iPhone from an iTunes backup, from iCloud, and even from another iPhone.

Supported Data Types

Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos, Books, Messages, Call Logs, Ringtones, and Files.

Supported iPhone

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS (Max ), iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12

3. Syncios Phone Transfer

This mobile data transfer program developed by Syncios is another data transfer app working on Windows and Mac. Similar to Dr.Fone Switch, it’s also specially developed for phone-to-phone transferring.

Being compatible with a large number of Android models, this app will be another helper for people who want to move data from Android to iPhone.

Move to iOS similar app - SynciOS
Move to iOS similar app – SynciOS

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Songs, Call Log, and Bookmarks.

Supported iPhone:

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

4. MobileSync

MobileSync by Aiseesoft is another program people can use to transfer data between Android and iPhone. Just like SynciOS, PhoneCopy also runs on a computer and requires you to connect devices using Cables.

MobileSync – Move to iOS Alternative

Besides transfer data between phones, it also has the ability to back up your files and data to a computer and manager your data by deleting, classify, etc.

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Photos, Videos, Songs, and Ringtones.

Supported iPhone:

iPhone 3GS to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

MOBILedit Phone Copier ($9.9)

Phone Copier is one of the professional Phone To Phone Data Transfer Software that is available for people who want to transfer between two smartphones. For Android to iOS switchers, this app can move contacts, messages, calendars, and media files. After installing this app on both of your phones, you can begin your transfer between them in Bluetooth.

MOBILedit - Move to iOS Alternative 2020
MOBILedit Phone Copier – Move to iOS Alternative 2020

Supported DataType:

Contacts, Messages, Calendar, and Media files.

Supported iPhone:


Last, if there is some freeway of migrating data between phones, please don’t hesitate to comment on my post to share it. This would be very helpful.

Best App to Print iPhone Messages (SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp)

Printing messages conversations can be pretty easy once you know some iPhone messages transfer programs. This post listed two professional iPhone messages transfer apps you may like to use for printing iPhone messages.

I’ve experienced some tedious and time-consuming methods to print the text messages on my iPhone. For instance, I took screenshots to record a part of my messages, saved them to the photos app, and then share them with a computer for printing. It worked but obviously is not suitable for printing a complete message conversation.

To export and print messages from my iPhone easily, I tested some iPhone messages transfer apps, and here I’ll share two apps that I think could give you an easy way to print text messages, iMessages and even WhatsApp chats on your iPhone, no matter for court or other reasons.

  1. How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?
  2. What Defines One “Good” App to Print Message Conversation?
  3. Best Apps to Print Text Messages and iMessages on iPhone

How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?

In fact,  some iPhone transfer apps have the ability to extract messages and WhatsApp conversations from iTunes backups as printable document files like PDF and HTML.

Therefore, after you backup your iPhone using iTunes, you can use these apps to get the messages from the iTunes backup and then print iPhone messages easily using the printer hooked up to your computer.

How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work
How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work

What Defines One Good Program to Print Messages?

As one professional app for transferring and printing iPhone messages and WhatsApp, firstly it should be able to print all types of messages such as SMS, MMS, iMessages, WhatsApp chat history, and attachments. Besides, the process should be easy and simple to follow. At last, the price should be reasonable.

Almost all iPhone messages transfer apps work on Windows and Mac computers. Therefore, the best app should be compatible with the popular computer operating system, like Windows 10, Windows 8, and macOS.  In addition, it ought to support all iPhone generations, of course, including the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Top Best Apps to Export and Print Messages on iPhone [Updated in 2020]

1. iMazing – Offer “Print” button.

iMazing is one of the best iPhone transfer apps that I’ve introduced before. And the feature I like most is its clean interface, which makes the messages transferring easy in clicks.

Print text message conversations iPhone
Print text message conversations iPhone

iMazing can extract text messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages from the latest iPhone backup on your computer or help you automatically create a new backup using your iPhone if you have no backup prepared.

In addition, iMazing is the only app I found that provides the “Print” button that you can use to quickly print iPhone SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp chats.

Just like other similar apps, iMazing also allows you to preview the message contents before you print several or all the messages/conversations.

Download iMazing Free Trial

WhatsApp is widely used by people around the world, and the WhatsApp messages exporting and printing feature is now added on iMazing 2. With this feature, you can preview, export, and 1-click print selected chats and attachments of WhatsApp on your computer. 

Export and Print WhatsApp Messagse on iPhone
Export and Print WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

2. Decipher TextMessages – Focus on iPhone messages

I choose Decipher TextMessages because it is the special app that I found focus on managing only the iPhone messages. It can transfer, print, and recover messages on your iPhone. It is cheaper than iMazing. 

This app is developed by Decipher Tools which is located in San Francisco, USA. The company offers you the local phone number that you can use to get a quick response when you face any problem using the app to print messages.

To print text messages, Decipher TextMessages will firstly ask you to make an iPhone backup to the computer. Next, it will auto-import text messages from your iTunes backups. You can select the latest backup to preview message conversations, extract the message to PDF for printing.

Download Decipher TextMessage
Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher
Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher

Top 4 Best Mac App Uninstaller (Freeware Included, 2020 Updated)

Removing apps could prove to be a hassle, no matter in old Mac OS X or the new macOS Big Sur. In this article, we will provide you with more than enough insight into deciding one best app to completely remove Mac programs with leftovers, and give you a list of best free Mac app uninstallers.

Sometimes we download apps and we realize that we do not need them anymore. But the regular app removal on macOS does not entirely remove everything about the app – It just deletes the program but not the preferences data, caches, downloading files, and history of the program.

The worse is that you suddenly find some malicious programs that you cannot remove from your Mac computer. So there comes Mac app uninstaller software aiming to completely delete those Mac files and apps that you don’t want any more.

Since 2018, we’ve reviewed more than 10 programs to remove apps on Mac computers. And by following some criteria, we finally picked out these top app uninstallers for you. (Some of them are completely free)

Top 4 app uninstaller for Mac [2020 Updated]

  1. AppCleaner [Free]
  2. AppZapper [Free Trial]
  3. CleanMyMac Uninstaller [Trial]
  4. AppDelete and other apps

1. AppCleaner – free app uninstaller for Mac

Free App Uninstaller for Mac - AppCleaner
Free App Uninstaller for Mac – AppCleaner

FreeMacSoft developed one popular free app removers for Mac users – AppCleaner. With this freeware, you can easily search the apps, plugins, and widgets you don’t want anymore, and completely remove them from your Mac. Besides, it allows you to simply drag and drop any unwanted app for swift uninstallation.


  • Drag and Drop feature to quickly uninstall an app.
  • This app is totally free to use.
  • Recover the apps that you mistakenly deleted.
  • Support all Macs including the latest macOS Big Sur.


  • It doesn’t have filters to get old and large apps.
  • It has no filter to get and remove only the leftovers of missing apps.
  • It can’t remove some apps and it shows these apps are protected.
't Remove Some Apps on Mac
‘t Remove Some Apps on Mac

2. AppZapper –  perfect Mac app uninstaller

AppZapper - Best App Removers for macOS
AppZapper – Best App Removers for macOS

This software AppZapper has stood out amongst other uninstaller software for the macOS system because of its simplistic design and good capability of app removing. This software is also very deep with cleanups and can remove all unwanted apps and their settings, widgets, plugins, and so on. Just like AppCleaner, this software is also designed with the macOS drag and drop feature in mind.


  • Drag and Drop feature.
  • Nice filters to get large-sized apps and old apps.
  • With “Undo” to get back the apps that you deleted mistakenly.


  • It is not very simple to use. (the app icons so big)
  • It can’t find only the leftovers.
  • Its free version is limited with only 5 zaps (You can perform 5 apps removing with AppZapper). And the price is 19.95 and above.
  • It doesn’t support Big Sur till now.

3. CleanMyMac – Remove Not Only App and App Leftovers.

CleanMyMac X - Best uninstaller to remove only the leftovers
CleanMyMac X – Best uninstaller to remove only the leftovers

CleanMyMac gives you a lot of features to free up space on Mac. And its Uninstaller Tool could be one of the best tools for uninstalling Mac apps. It is capable of performing the function of uninstalling applications and their related files just like other app removers we listed.


  • CleanMyMac X is able to find and remove only the leftover files. And it also has various labels that help you easily find old and large apps.
  • It provides several other useful features to clean your Mac storage to boost performance.
  • This app can find duplicate files on your mac and help you get rid of them. Its user interface is also very well designed and you can figure everything out intuitively.


The trial version gives you only 2 applications removing for free.

4. AppDelete

This is another app remover for Mac computer. AppDelete is very thorough in removing applications from your mac, and this is one of its major strengths. Where other software might overlook, this software acts. This software can help remove widgets, screensavers, preference panes, widgets, plugins, app settings, and so on.

Use AppDelete to remove CleanMyMac
Use AppDelete to remove CleanMyMac

This application is also very flexible. It provides you with options as regards what to with the apps and files you want to remove. You can log such files, archive to a zip file, or completely remove such apps/files. Also, deleted apps are not removed straight away, but are kept in the recycle bin in case you made a mistake deletion.

Cons: This app is not a free one, and has a price of 5 – 7.99 dollars.

We didn’t cover all AppCleaner similar programs in this post, like the apps TrashMe, AppTrap, iTrash, and MacClean, since all of them are not freeware, and have almost the same features.

How to choose a qualified app uninstaller for Mac computer?

It’s easy to know what is an uninstaller app, but it may be hard to select one top uninstaller app for your Mac, which is a totally different ball game. So what are the factors and criteria you should consider when choosing a top app uninstaller for your Mac? Let’s check out the list below.

1. Level of App Cleanup

It is important for you to understand the level of cleanup that the software provides. Some software can remove all the files related to the unwanted app, while others just remove a few.

Also, some software cannot remove applications that run in the background. For the best App cleaning software, it should be in a top cleanup level to remove all leftover files.

2. Is It Safe to Use

Is it safe to use? You may ask this question before using a Mac uninstaller app. And this is one of the basic conditions all apps ought to have.

Actually, one app could be safe if the app has an official website with a real company address and online tech support, or it was recommended by some famous or trustworthy sites.

3. Computing Requirements

You can’t use a Mac uninstaller program if it is not compatible with your computer. Since all apps have basic requirements for the computer system, such as storage and system version, in order to run stably and use computing resources normally.

And the best app remover should be compatible with all the popular Mac OS, including the newest macOS Catalina and Big Sur. And we picked out the top app by following this criterion.

4. User Interface and Experience

You need to consider the user interface and experience of your desired uninstaller software.

If one app is poorly designed, it may cost you a lot of time to figure out how to use it. But as one of the top programs, it should be time-saving and highly effective.

5. Cost-Effective

Most of the time the best app is not the free one since the software vendors will cost a lot to hire people to design and develop.

You’d better know the cost of these programs and find the most cost-effective one. And be careful that some apps require a one-time purchase license while some others require periodic subscriptions.

Surely,  there are some other factors you may consider while selecting a qualified mac app cleaner, including the customer service, the money-back policy, and so on.


There you have it, the top best app uninstaller for Mac We gathered since. We all need one of these programs on our computers in the new macOS Big Sur as unwanted apps are inevitable. Selecting the best one for you should not be too much of a trouble, as this article has provided you with more than enough information to make the best decision.