How to Fix “Move to iOS Not Working, Could Not Communicate or Connect to iPhone”

move to ios not working
move to ios unable to migrate

Move to iOS app is available for Android users to move data from Android to iPhone for free. This app is useful but it’s not perfect. The transferring process is not that simple, and sometimes not even work or communicate with the iPhone.

If you got a new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, and you encountered a problem while moving photos, messages or other files from your old Android device using Move to iOS app, this post may help you out.

How to Fix Move to iOS App Not Working?

Move to iOS works based on the Wi-Fi network, so it requires a stable network situation. If the network is in a bad condition, you may take a long time to finish the transferring. According to the feedback from the users on Google Play, besides communicating and connecting error, they also met problems including:

  1. Unable to migrate. Try again later.
  2. Stuck at “Moving items into place…“, Stuck at 40% or 50%.
  3. Stuck at “Move to iOS stuck on preparing“.

so are there some tips people can take to fix the Move to iOS errors? Here I’ve made a collection of solutions from some authoritative sites and forums.

6 Proven Ways to Fix Move to iOS Errors?

  1. Restart your mobiles phones.
  2. Unselect the option for “Smart network switch” or something similar, such as Connections Optimizer. Or you can try to switch off your WiFi or switch between WiFi and mobile data on your android phone, which is said helpful to solve the issue of “Move to iOS could not communicate with device”.
  3. Turn your Android phone into Airplane Mode.
  4. Don’t use your devices while migrating data. This may get the transferring process interrupted by accident.
  5. Reset Wi-Fi Network, or restart your router.
  6. Reset network settings on your iPhone Settings app.

Before using Move to iOS, you should check compatibility and do preparation

You should check the items in the below list before you use Move to iOS app.

  1. Move to iOS app requires Android 4.0 or higher.
  2. It cannot be used to transfer from iOS to Android.
  3. This app only works with transferring data from Android to a New or Reset iPhone.
  4. Transferring may take you several hours, depends on the size of data you are migrating and the Wi-Fi network condition.

This post was first published in 2016, and the last update happened on September 20th, 2019. Be free to comment if you have any ideas on “Move to iOS app”.

27 thoughts on “How to Fix “Move to iOS Not Working, Could Not Communicate or Connect to iPhone””

  1. I have tried everything and no joy, is there anything else you can suggest? I can’t get past the initial phase as I get ‘unable to migrate try again later’

    1. Hi, Emily. If all of these cannot help you. You can find some alternative ways.

      For example, Gmail contacts may be helpful to get contacts to your new iPhone. Or you can import your songs, pictures and other medias out to your pc and then sync these files to your new device. Or, you can download Android to iPhone transfer tool, Good luck!

    2. I found on utube a suggestion to manually log into iOS xxxxxxx wifi using the apple phones randomly named Sid on the android phone wifi app (after the apple phone creates a pass phrase) . So you let the apple phone generate a passphrase then go in to networking on the Android phone and find the Apple phone generated Wi-Fi

  2. I managed to get them connected and to get the transfer started. But, it stops at 29%, nothing happens after that. What could be the problem?

  3. I am running into same problem as Stephanie, stops at 45% and appears to be stuck there for long amount of time. What could be the issue? I am moving from 16GB to 128GB.

  4. It kept failing at enter passcode but finally got past that with the airplane mode, now I’m stuck at preparing for 10 mins is that normal?

  5. LG V20 current OS. Iphone 7 plus.
    “Unable to migrate” followed all instructions, trouble shooting steps,
    Tried whilst charging and fully charged.
    Insured devices are not more than several inches apart.
    Still same message.
    Any applications i could use on my PC that are reliable, there are so many out there.
    I cannot loose the text messages from my Son.

    1. I’m facing the same issue. If push comes to shove, I would suggest downloading an app on Android to back up your text messages. There are some that save the content in a folder in our Gmail. Good luck!

  6. I am stuck at move from android page whereby I need to download move to ios app. I can’t get past this page n am stuck n not able to use my phone. What can I do?

  7. Well the transfer has begun successfully for the first time. I may partake in the sucking of a succulent nigger cock to celebrate! Wooooo #hypetrain

    1. Airplane mode finally helped kick off the transfer but while cleaning up pics and bids during transfer it stated the ‘transfer was interrupted ‘ :-(. Starting over. Still slow going back to 33%.

  8. I’ve turned the airplane mode but I keep getting the unable to migrate error after 2 minutes. My Huawei Mate SE pop ups with “this wifi can’t access the internet, do you want to switch” but I cancel it. I have turned off wifi+ which is the connections optimizer. I’ve also restarted the two phones. I’ve tried on different wifi networks as well. The phones are always plugged in- with nothing else on the android but it still won’t. Any tips or suggestions?

  9. Keep getting error: move to ios could not communicate with device, while trying to move photos from my htc to new iphone xs. tried lots of methods but failed. Finally, go to my android settings > connections > more network > mobile networks > under connection optimizer, I unchecked and then the connection worked.

    1. Also got this problem that no “Move Data from Android” option when set my new iphone, I checked the wifi network, and was sure the app correct run on my old sumsang.

  10. Hi there,

    I just bought new iPhone xs and I download that app as well IOS move to iPhone but when I reached at code to put into android the wifi sign disappear from iPhone n it shows unable to communicate with the device on android…please give me some solution

  11. It appears the iProduct also attempts to establish a peer-to-peer wireless connection with my S9+. And since there can only be one wireless connection active the transfer fails. I tried airplane mode and waiting for the apple connection to appear and then select it, but the connection fails because a password is required and it is NOT the code displayed on the iProduct. I called Apple level 3 Support and they were unable to resolve the issue.

  12. It just seems as if this “Move to IOS” thing isn’t meant to work as the success rate is so low. Then you go online and see “fixes” that don’t fix anything but usually end up with someone offering free trial software that has the option to buy the full version that actually might do what you searched for originally.

    It’s ridiculous that people are profiting off something that should be free and Apple (and Android) sit by and let it happen. Very disappointed with this!

  13. Also, you can restart the devices and try again. According to the experiences of some users, Move to iOS will eventually work after multiple attempts. And when attempting to transferring data via Move to iOS, do not let other apps and notification interrupt the transfer. And turn off mobile data on Android. Switch off network options including Sprint Connections Optimizer or the Smart Network Switch.

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