How to Quickly Clear App Cache, Safari Cache and RAM on Your iPhone [iOS 12]

With so many cache and a lack of RAM, you iPhone may slow down. So how to speed up your device by removing the caches or RAM on your iPhone. Just read the following steps to easily make it.

The cached files help you quickly load the pages and files you’ve visited. But some cached files, such as images, also take up your iPhone storage. The iPhone RAM (Random Access Memory) is limited. Therefore, if the running apps eat all RAM of your device, your iOS system will run slowly.

So how can you remove Safari cache and app cache on your iPhone to free up space? Or how to clean RAM to speed up your device. Here we collected these tricks. Cause most of you are using the new iOS 12, so the tips are based on the new software update.

  1. How to wipe Out App Cache on iPhone?
  2. How to remove Safari Cache from your iPhone?
  3. How to clear RAM on an iPhone?

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

The app caches may be so large and take up so much storage of your iPhone. So you have to delete some cached files to regain some space. And to do this, you should know the real storage status of your iPhone.

And you can get the biggest app cache by checking your iPhone storage bar under Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

The big cached or downloaded files on iPhone WhatsApp
The big cached or downloaded files on iPhone WhatsApp

In the app list, you can tap each to see the app Document & Data, which are the files that app cached while you used the app. To wipe out the app document and data, you can run the app > settings to clear the cache, downloaded files, and history.

Besides, reinstall the app will also make sense to clean the app cache. So you can have a try to delete the app and reinstall it on your device. But before you reinstall it, be sure to remove the app cache that you backed up to iCloud, or the caches will come back from the Apple cloud serve automatically.

Then how to remove the app data that you saved to iCloud backup.

It’s easy to delete app data from iCloud backup, just go to Settings > Your Profile > iCloud > Manage Storage (Storage) > Backup > This iPhone. In this page, you can turn off auto backup of any app to stop saving app data to iCloud backup.

Remove app caches from iCloud backup
Remove app caches from iCloud backup

How to Clear Safari Cache on iPhone

Safari cache and cookies will be automatically generated once you visit a website without using the Private Mode. And these files are not so much large and don’t slow down your device or take up so much space.

But if you want to clear the safari cache caches and cookies on your iPhone, you can go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. This method will remove all history, cookies, and cached data on your Safari browser.

If you don’t want to remove all, you can tap Advanced > Website Data. This method enables you to remove caches from a specific website you visited before.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone in iOS 12

There is a widely-spreading trick that you can use to quickly clean up all app and system processes running on the background. This will be very helpful to quickly clean RAM to speed up iPhone.

  1. You will use the feature AssistiveTouch. So firstly turn on AssistiveTouch via the Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.
  2. Next, go back to the Settings app and then go to General > Shut Down. And this will make you go to the page as below.
  3. Then, after you tap the AssistiveTouch circle to hold Home for several seconds, your iPhone will have a fast flash, and this will clean RAM.

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