5 Steps to Record a Custom Ringtone on iPhone

Many people have ever thought about set a piece of recorded voice as ringtone on a Mobile Phone. I am using an iPhone 6s, and the built-in recorder is Voice Memos. Therefore here I talk about how to record my own ringtone on my iPhone 6s using the Voice Memo app and iTunes.

If you are using a new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or the iPhone X, it still works, and it is complete free and very easy, need only 5 simple steps.

Here is How to Make Custom Ringtone from Voice Memo on iPhone (It’s completely free)

Requirements: the iTunes app on your computer and the USB data cable for your iPhone. 

1. Record a voice memo using your iPhone. Just run Voice Memo on your iPhone and record one voice memo.

2. Import voice memo to computer via email. Or you can transfer the voice memo by sharing though SNS or other related platform online. Then after, you can download them to your computer.

3. On your computer, convert voice memo to M4R by renaming the extension name of your Voice Memo as “.M4R”, which is pretty easy to do.

4.1. For iTunes 12.6 or previous version, you can add the M4R file to Tones section of your iTunes library. You can make it by a simply Drag and Drop, just drop the M4R file to Tones.

Sync or add your dropped Tone to your iPhone. You should connect your iPhone to computer, and go to manage your device by clicking iPhone icon. Under Settings, go to “Tones” and check on Sync Tones. Or just move your mouse to under the Tone and right click to add it to your iPhone.

4. 2. For iTunes 12.7 or above, you can drop the M4R directly to iPhone Tones section on iTunes interface.

Make Your Own Ringones for iPhone on iTunes 12.7
Make Your Own Ringones for iPhone on iTunes 12.7


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