How to Merge SMS, Contacts and Photos Between 2 Phones

Stop carrying two phones and want to merge data from old phone to new phone? Read this post to get some quick methods!

It’s so troublesome to use two phones simultaneously. Two phones means two batteries, two SIM cards and maybe two carriers, and need two pockets to fill.  That’s why you decided to stop carrying two phones.

But before giving away or selling one device, you may like to merge data, such as contacts and messages, from two smartphones to one. So is there some easy method to merge two phones?

  1. Do cellphone makers offer you some app to merge phones?
  2. Free methods to combine data from two smartphones?
  3. Merge two phones via Phone transfer apps

Do cellphone makers offer apps for merge phones?

Most of cellphone makers offer free tools for new users to transfer data to their new phone for smoothly switch to their new product. However, these tools requires you to erase the content on the target device before moving. This is completely different from the way of data merging.

Move to iOS and Samsung Smart Switch
Move to iOS and Samsung Smart Switch

For example, Apple Inc., developed Move to iOS app for iPhone users to move data to iPhone from android. But this app is only for a new iPhone or an erased iPhone that you’ve reset to factory setting.

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Free methods to combine contacts, emails, photos, videos and other media files between two phones

Luckily, there are some free methods you can use to transfer data between two Phones. And we gathered a few of them for you to merge data.

1. Merge Contacts, Emails and Calendar Events:

Google, Yahoo or some other email service could help you transfer contacts, emails and calendar between two smartphone. An this way is available for both iOS and Android phones.

2. Transfer Photos and Videos:

You can import photos and videos to computer from one mobile device and then get them to another device. And most of brands supports this way, even the Apple iPhones – you can sync photos to your iPhone using iTunes.

3. Merge Music from Two Mobile Phones:

We love music and often listen to the music using our handsets. If you are using Groove, Spotify or some similar streaming services, it could be so easy to transfer songs to your new device by installing the related apps on your mobile phone – generally the music will be downloaded to your device once you login with your accounts.

If you saved songs into storage of your android phone, you can export them to computer and then put them to another phone. For an iPhone, you can use iTunes to add songs.

Merge Phone via Phone Transfer Apps

To 1-click copy data between two cell phones, there are some paid apps, such as MobileTrans and MOBILedit. You can read our previous post android to iPhone transfer software to know these apps.

Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy
Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy
How to Merge SMS, Contacts and Photos Between 2 Phones
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