How to Charge iPhone iPad 3x Faster? 3 Easy Tips

Think that you are going to leave your house but you have forgotten to charge your iPhone or iPad and now you are waiting for your low battery iPhone fully charged.

So what can you do to increase iPhone charging speed? You may have found many online tips on how to make the charging process fast. But as I summarized, all of those tricks can be simplified into only 3.

How to Charge Your iPhone Faster? 3 Simple Tips

1. Use Charger instead of connecting to a computer.

Connect to a charger instead of the USB port of your computer. Because it will be very slow to charge your iPhone with the USB port on the computer.

2. Use 12 watts iPad charger or a fast charger if possible

Use 12 watts iPad charger or a fast charger for new iPhone X/XS/11 if possible, these chargers will increase iPhone charging speed significantly. And this Apple provided charger won’t harm your iOS devices.

3. Don’t Use Your iPhone, tune off it or put it into Low Power Mode.

Put your iPhone into Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode or turn your iPhone off, and keep your device cool. All these will make your iPhone charge faster. If you don’t know how to enable Low Power Mode and Airplane Mode, you can follow these steps.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Battery, you can enable Low Power Mode. On the home screen of your iPhone, swipe up and tap the moon icon to enable Airplane mode.

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