Move to iOS Low Battery Error on Your Android? Here is How to Fix It

Followed the suggestion of the Move to iOS app to connect your low battery device to charge, but it still gets the same pop-up message after a full charge. Usually, restarting both of your devices fixes this problem.

Users complained on Twitter, “When I launch Move to iOS app on my Android phone, the Low Battery error popped up and it suggested me to use a charger. But after I connected my phone to a charger and the battery was charged to 20%, it still got the same error. So what can I do to fix this Move to iOS error?“

Move to iOS Low Battery. Connect Android to AC power.
Move to iOS Low Battery. Connect Android to AC power.

How to Fix Move to iOS Low Battery Error?

The Cause of Move to iOS Low Battery Alert

It may take hours to transfer data from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app, depending on the size of files you are going to migrate. If your data transfer is interrupted due to a dead battery, it will start again from the beginning. To ensure the transfer process continues without any stop, the Move to iOS app installed on your Android device will pop up an alert telling you to connect to a charge when your device battery is low.

If ‘Low Battery’ Alert Still Pops Up After Full Charge [Solved]

People reported this error a few months ago. And the quick solution is very simple. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Charge your Android device to more than 20%.
  2. Restart your device and try again.
  3. If it doesn’t work, try to reinstall the Move to iOS app and try again.
  4. Turn off Low Battery Mode on your Android on Settings, and try again.
  5. Restart your iPhone also and try again.


It’s not hard to fix this problem. Typically, a restart could easily get this issue fixed. If all solutions don’t work, please comment here. Let’s discuss and solve your Move to iOS problem. For more information about Move to iOS issues, hit this link >

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