Best App to Print iPhone Messages (SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp)

Printing messages conversations can be pretty easy once you know some iPhone messages transfer programs. This post listed two professional iPhone messages transfer apps you may like to use for printing iPhone messages.

I’ve experienced some tedious and time-consuming methods to print the text messages on my iPhone. For instance, I took screenshots to record a part of my messages, saved them to the photos app, and then share them with a computer for printing. It worked but obviously is not suitable for printing a complete message conversation.

To export and print messages from my iPhone easily, I tested some iPhone messages transfer apps, and here I’ll share two apps that I think could give you an easy way to print text messages, iMessages and even WhatsApp chats on your iPhone, no matter for court or other reasons.

  1. How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?
  2. What Defines One “Good” App to Print Message Conversation?
  3. Best Apps to Print Text Messages and iMessages on iPhone

How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?

In fact,  some iPhone transfer apps have the ability to extract messages and WhatsApp conversations from iTunes backups as printable document files like PDF and HTML.

Therefore, after you backup your iPhone using iTunes, you can use these apps to get the messages from the iTunes backup and then print iPhone messages easily using the printer hooked up to your computer.

How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work
How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work

What Defines One Good Program to Print Messages?

As one professional app for transferring and printing iPhone messages and WhatsApp, firstly it should be able to print all types of messages such as SMS, MMS, iMessages, WhatsApp chat history, and attachments. Besides, the process should be easy and simple to follow. At last, the price should be reasonable.

Almost all iPhone messages transfer apps work on Windows and Mac computers. Therefore, the best app should be compatible with the popular computer operating system, like Windows 10, Windows 8, and macOS.  In addition, it ought to support all iPhone generations, of course, including the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Top Best Apps to Export and Print Messages on iPhone [Updated in 2020]

1. iMazing – Offer “Print” button.

iMazing is one of the best iPhone transfer apps that I’ve introduced before. And the feature I like most is its clean interface, which makes the messages transferring easy in clicks.

Print text message conversations iPhone
Print text message conversations iPhone

iMazing can extract text messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages from the latest iPhone backup on your computer or help you automatically create a new backup using your iPhone if you have no backup prepared.

In addition, iMazing is the only app I found that provides the “Print” button that you can use to quickly print iPhone SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp chats.

Just like other similar apps, iMazing also allows you to preview the message contents before you print several or all the messages/conversations.

Download iMazing Free Trial

WhatsApp is widely used by people around the world, and the WhatsApp messages exporting and printing feature is now added on iMazing 2. With this feature, you can preview, export, and 1-click print selected chats and attachments of WhatsApp on your computer. 

Export and Print WhatsApp Messagse on iPhone
Export and Print WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

2. Decipher TextMessages – Focus on iPhone messages

I choose Decipher TextMessages because it is the special app that I found focus on managing only the iPhone messages. It can transfer, print, and recover messages on your iPhone. It is cheaper than iMazing. 

This app is developed by Decipher Tools which is located in San Francisco, USA. The company offers you the local phone number that you can use to get a quick response when you face any problem using the app to print messages.

To print text messages, Decipher TextMessages will firstly ask you to make an iPhone backup to the computer. Next, it will auto-import text messages from your iTunes backups. You can select the latest backup to preview message conversations, extract the message to PDF for printing.

Download Decipher TextMessage
Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher
Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher

6 thoughts on “Best App to Print iPhone Messages (SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp)”

    1. Yes, require one computer with printer connected. If you have no computer available, you are suggested to screenshot some messages, and wireless print screenshot pics via wireless-supported printer.

  1. Once I connect my phone to the computer and the software, can I save the text messages to pdf and share the pdf to my email so I can then print them off somewhere else?

    Have you ever heard of TouchCopy by WideAngle Software? I was looking to get that one..

    1. Thanks for the comment. These apps could export texts as PDF files for reading, sharing and printing. The reason why I recommend iMazing is that this app is the only one that I found gives a direct button to print messages, including SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp messages. This makes the job pretty easy.

      For Decipher, it has a cheaper price with a USA local phone call service, which is something better than others. TouchCopy could be a little expensive, compared with other transfer software I’ve met.

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