How to Fix ‘Transfer Directly from iPhone’ Problem?

Do you come to the App and Data screen but don’t know the meaning of ‘Transfer Directly from iPhone’? Or do you use this feature to transfer data to your new iPhone but not working? You come to the right place, you will get the answer from this post.

What does ‘Transfer directly from iPhone’ mean?

When you set up a new iPhone or erased iPhone, you will get an ‘App and Data’ screen that gives you several ways to migrate your data to your iPhone, just like the screen shows below.

What Does Transfer Directly from iPhone Mean
What Does Transfer Directly from iPhone Mean

And the option ‘Transfer directly from iPhone’ means using Wi-Fi to directly clone all data and settings from an iPhone to this iPhone. This is a method Apple officially recommended to transfer data between two Apple smartphones, definitely this would be a nice method.

What to do if ‘Transfer Directly from iPhone’ is not working? [6 Tips]

You may be unable to find the ‘Transfer Directly from iPhone’ option, or you may have failed to use the option to transfer from an iPhone to another iPhone. I’ve heard of some people getting the ‘loop’ issue and ‘unable to complete data transfer’ problem while using this method to migrate data. Don’t worry. There is a checklist you can follow to try.

  1. Make sure you’ve followed the latest Apple guide to transfer data. Use Quick Start to transfer data to new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch >
  2. Restart both of your iPhones and try again. This is the common solution for iOS problems.
  3. Update your target iPhone to the latest iOS system. If the system version is below iOS 12.4, ‘Transfer from iPhone’ won’t disappear. And you’d better make sure the source device is in iOS 11 and later.
  4. Connect both of your iPhones to the power. It requires enough power to start the data migration between two iOS devices.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth on both of your devices. Some tech articles said this would be helpful for iPhone data transfer.
  6. If the system version of the source iPhone is higher than that of the target iPhone, ‘Transfer Directly from iPhone’ and ’Quick Start‘ may not work.

If these tips are not working or you have some better tips, please let me know by commenting.

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