What to Do if Photos Disappeared from iPhone 7 Photos App

Have been using iPhone 7 for some weeks, you may have stored hundreds of pics and videos in the Photos app, and those files records your travel, your foods and everything happened around you.

But now all of your photos disappeared from iPhone 7, how can you get back them or just retrieve some important ones? In this post, we’ll talk about the ways to recover disappeared photos from your iPhone 7.

Your may lose your iPhone photos after these cases

1. Updating to iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 11

Apple often push its released iOS updates to iPhone users. Sometimes when you fail to update your iPhone 7 to the new software, you may lose your photos.

2. Restoring your iPhone 7

It’s risky to restore your iPhone 7 from iTunes or iCloud backup. Because you don’t know what’s in the backup, and what will be restored to your device and replace what you have.

Think about if there is no photos in the backup, you’ll get nothing to your iPhone photos app. In other words, you’ll get an empty Photos app on your iPhone 7. It seems like all your photos accidentally disappeared from your iPhone 7.

Besides, some iTunes errors may stop you from restoring successfully, and causes iPhone data loss.

3, Manually deleting data

It’s possible that you might delete photos manually when cleaning your iPhone limited storage. Or someone hate you removed your photos intentionally.

How to recover disappeared or deleted photos from your iPhone by following 4 steps

1, Backup iPhone 7

Firstly for preventing data loss, you’d better backup your iPhone using iTunes on computer or using another method.

2, Recover lost photos from iCloud

If you have ever synced iPhone photos to iCloud (iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream), run Settings app on your iPhone 7,  and go to iCloud. You can login your iCloud account and turn on iCloud Photo sync to download photos to your device.

3, Find disappeared photos on iCloud.com

Additionally, you may find lost photos on iCloud.com. Some synced photos will be stored there, and you can preview them by logging into the site without your iCloud account.

4, Recover photos from iPhone backup

If you didn’t sync photos to iCloud before, but created an iCloud backup or iTunes backup, you can restore lost photos from the iPhone backup. But as we referred above, you don’t know whether your backups have photos. Therefore, some professional iPhone data recovery software may be helpful for you to access and view backups.

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