Can Move to iOS Transfer WhatsApp Messages? [Solutions]

Can you use the Move to iOS app to transfer WhatsApp messages? And are there some potential methods to move WhatsApp from Android to iOS? Read this post to get the answer.

Does The Move to iOS App Transfer Whatsapp Chats?


Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app allows you to transfer: contacts, message, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, camera photos & videos, some free apps which are available on both Google Play and the App Store. But it does not allow transferring WhatsApp messages, as well as music, books, PDFs, and third-party app data.

So if you were using WhatsApp on your old Android phones, how could you transfer old chats and preserve them on your new iPhone?

Does “Google Backup & Restore” Move Whatsapp from Android to iOS?

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone
Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

I’ve tried to create a WhatsApp backup on my Android device and then restore that backup to my iOS WhatsApp app, but it failed. On my iPhone, there is no WhatsApp backup that I created before on my Android device. So I can’t transfer WhatsApp chats using default Google backup and restore.

Yes, the official WhatsApp app actually doesn’t support transfer data between two different operating systems. But the good news is that the WhatsApp chat history migration tool is being tested now, which would be the first free WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer tool in this world.

Is There Any Way to Move Whatsapp from Android to iOS?

It’s hard to get WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. If you are going to transfer WhatsApp chats or some files that the Move to iOS app can’t transfer, there are some third-party transfer tools you could have a try.


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