Some Features about iOS 10 that You May Love

The public beta of iOS 10 enables everyone to access the biggest update of iOS operating system in this year. As Apple shows on its officially website, there are lots of new features going to be released with this new iOS update, and added to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. (iPhone 5+, iPad Mini 2+, iPod touch 6.) According to iOS 10 beta testers, there are some points that you may love in iOS 10.

Clock app – bedtime

iOS 10 gives you a new feature named “Bedtime” that wake you up in the morning without jarring wake-up sounds. It is in Clock app, and it will track and analytics your sleep hours so that you can adjust your daily sleep time to have a better sleep.

2 taps clean all notifications

You may be tired of cleaning your notifications app by app. Now iOS 10 enables you to delete all notifications by 1 click that saves you so much times.

Albums – Photos and Places

If you have updated to iOS 10 beta, you may found there are two new albums appearing named “People” and “Places”. Have you ever thought of iOS would pick out your photos by location and people face? Now iOS 10 make it.

Remove built-in apps on home screen

Your home screen is filled up with app icons. Now after updating to iOS 10 beta, you can remove some built-in app icons that you cannot remove before.

Automatically clear music storage

Media files always the files that take the most of your iPhone storage. Hence, delete unused or useless media files should be a monthly work to keep your iPhone clean, especially for 16GB device users. Good news is that iOS 10 enables you to automatically remove some songs that you haven’t play in a while when your iPhone is low on space.

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