iOS 10 Allows You to Delete Built-in Apps, What Would You like to Remove

In this morning, Apple officially released iOS 10 on WWDC keynote event. In the conference, iOS 10 brought 10 big features of this new iOS operating system, which would be the biggest iOS update in history. However, there is one feature that wasn’t announced in the event – Feature iOS 10 allows you to uninstall iOS built-in applications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, according to developers who using iOS 10 beta version.

During Apple Worldwide Developers Conference event (WWDC 2016), Apple announced so many new iOS features, but didn’t mention about the new added feature of removing built-in apps. Of course, it could be unwise for Apple to spread this feature to encourage its users to delete its own apps.

You Can Uninstall Built-in Apps in iOS 10 Beta

After test, developers found some iOS built-in apps that you can remove from your iPhone iPad and iPod, including:

Weather, Watch, Voice Memos, Videos, Tips, Stocks, Reminders, Podcasts, Notes, Music, Maps, Mail, iTunes Store, Find My Friends, iBooks, News, Home, FaceTime, Contacts, Compass , Calendar and Calculator. 

After you delete this apps, all related app data would be removed, too. And anytime you want this app, you can download them from App store.

And Apple Support quickly post a article on Jun 13, 2016 to show how to uninstall built-in apps with iOS 10 beta, which tells that Apple admits this change being added to iOS 10.

Apple Admits iOS 10 Beta Can Delete Built-in Apps
Built-in Apps You Can Remove with iOS 10 Beta – Apple

The 3rd Party App Can Be Used As Default App

Another new is that third-party applications can be downloaded and installed as the default application on your iOS 10 devices.

So in this September, which app could be the first one that you want to remove from your device? You can discuss by commenting on the below section.

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