How to Check iPhone Battery Health and When Should I Change Battery?

In this post, I’ll show you the details on how to check battery health and discuss when should you change the battery of your iPhone device.

My iPhone 7 got a short battery life after updating to iOS 12.2. So how to know the heatlth status of my battery and whether its time to change my iPhone battery? – from Apple Community

Bad battery life may be caused by several reasons, such as the bad habits of overnight charging and often draining the battery to Zero. Besides, iOS update may bring some bug making the system fail to recognize the real ability of your battery life. But generally, a bad battery always comes after a large number of charge cycles.

Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. – Apple Inc., posted

Whatever the reasons, it would be a bad experience for you to use a short battery life smartphone. Think about it shuts down itself after no more than 1-hour gaming or music listening. And you may have to rely on a portable charger or take one USB charging cable with you to make your mobile device always on. This is terrible!

So how to solve the battery problem?

Firstly, you should check the iPhone battery health status

Since the iOS 11.3, a Battery Health feature is built-in on iPhone, to make you know exactly the health status of your iPhone battery, in which you will know whether it’s time to change the battery of your device.

iOS 11.3 Battery Health Feature
iOS 11.3 beta firstly released the Battery Health Feature

To check your iPhone battery health. Firstly, make sure your device was updated a software update (iOS 11.3 – iOS 12.2). And after tapping the Battery Health under Settings > Battery, you’ll get the Battery Heath, including Battery Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.

iOS 11.3 Battery Perfamance - Capacity and Peak Capability
iOS 11.3 Beta firstly show the Battery Heath feature – Capacity and Peak Capability

Normally, it will show a larger than 90% Maximum Capacity and a normal peak performance like what you can see on the above screenshot picture. But no all of you will get a good-condition battery on your iPhone or iPad.

Battery issue - The Peak Performance shows there is an unexpected shutdown
Battery issue – The Peak Performance shows there is an unexpected shutdown

If the battery full charge cycles exceed 500, the maximum capacity may get lower than 80%, which means your battery life will get shorter and shorter. If there is issue or error suddenly happening on your battery, the peak performance feature will report promptly. Besides, this battery health feature will also tell you what time your battery needs to be replaced.

So at what maximum capacity or what peak performance capacity should I change my iPhone battery?

If the Maximum Capacity is lower than 80%, or it reports abnormal peak performance, then maybe it’s time to get your battery replaced.

At what battery health status should you replace your iPhone battery
At what battery health status should you replace your iPhone battery

Best App to Print iPhone Messages (SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp)

Printing messages conversations can be pretty easy once you know some iPhone messages transfer programs. This post listed two professional iPhone messages transfer apps you may like to use for printing iPhone messages.

I’ve experienced some tedious and time-consuming methods to print the text messages on my iPhone. For instance, I took screenshots to record a part of my messages, saved them to photos app and then share them to a computer for printing. It worked but obviously is not suitable for printing a complete message conversation.

To export and print messages from my iPhone easily, I tested some iPhone messages transfer apps, and here I’ll share two apps that I think could give you an easy way to print text messages, iMessages and even WhatsApp chats on your iPhone, no matter for court or other reasons.

  1. How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?
  2. What Defines One “Good” App to Print Message Conversation?
  3. Best Apps to Print Text Messages and iMessages on iPhone

How Does One App Work to Print iPhone Messages?

In fact,  some iPhone transfer apps have the ability to extract messages, and WhatsApp conversations from iTunes backups as printable document files like PDF and HTML.

Therefore, after you backup your iPhone using iTunes, you can use these apps to get the messages from the iTunes backup and then print iPhone messages easily using the printer that hooked up to your computer.

How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work
How Does iPhone Messages Transfer App Work

What Defines One Good Program to Print Messages?

As one professional app for transferring and printing iPhone messages and WhatsApp, firstly it should be able to print all types of messages such as SMS, MMS, iMessages, WhatsApp chat history, and attachments. Besides, the process should be easy and simple to follow. At last, the price should be reasonable.

Almost all iPhone messages transfer apps work in Windows and Mac computer. Therefore, the best app should be compatible with the popular computer operating system, like Windows 10, Windows 8 and macOS.  In addition, it ought to support all iPhone generations, of course, including the new iPhone XS and XR.

Top Best Apps to Export and Print Messages on iPhone [Updated in 2019]

1. iMazing – Offer “Print” button.

iMazing is one of the best iPhone transfer apps that I’ve introduced before. And the feature I like most is the clean interface, which makes the messages transferring easy in clicks.

Print text message conversations iPhone
Print text message conversations iPhone

iMazing can automatically extract text messages, iMessages and WhatsApp from the latest iPhone backup or help you create one new iTunes backup using your iPhone instead of asking you to do these jobs manually. In addition, iMazing is the only app I found that provide with the “Print” button that you can use to quickly print iPhone SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp chats.

Just like other similar apps, iMazing also allows you to preview the message contents and to choose several or all the messages/conversations for printing. Download iMazing Free Trial

WhatsApp is widely used by people around the world, and the WhatsApp messages exporting and printing feature is newly added to iMazing 2 recently. With this feature, you can preview, export and 1-click print selected chats and attachments of WhatsApp on a Mac or a Windows PC. 

Export and Print WhatsApp Messagse on iPhone
Export and Print WhatsApp Messagse on iPhone

2. Decipher TextMessages – Focus on iPhone messages

I choose Decipher TextMessages because it is the special app that I found focus on managing only the iPhone messages. It can transfer, print and recover messages on your iPhone. It is cheaper than iMazing. 

This app is developed by Decipher Tools which is located in San Francisco, USA. The company offers you the local phone number that you can use to get a quick response when you face any problem using the app to print messages.

To print text messages, Decipher TextMessages will firstly ask you to make an iPhone backup to computer. Next, it will auto import text messages from your iTunes backups. You can select the latest backup to preview message conversations, extract message to PDF for printing. Download Decipher TextMessage

Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher
Print text messages from iPhone with Decipher

Top “Free” iPhone Backup Viewer to Access Contents on Your Secret Backup

Tested more than 10 apps to view the contents stored on iTunes and iCloud backup, and picked out these top free iPhone backup viewers. Enjoy!

iPhone Backup Viewer
iPhone Backup Viewer

There are so many so-called iPhone backup viewers. Each one looks the same by offering similar features and promising to help you easily get things from your iPhone backup on your computer or the Apple iCloud server.

But how can you get out the top best one to view the hidden pictures, contacts, messages and other files on the backup? With so many app reviews crowding on the Internet, it would be so hard to get it out.

In, here we’ve reviewed more than 10 top iPhone backup viewing tools. And we picked out some top free ones to help you get the photos, messages, contacts, etc from iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Now let’s have a look at these cost-free iPhone backup browsing tools.

Note: Till now, we didn’t find any apps that could access the contents on iCloud backup. Besides, you can directly go to know how I started the app testing if you are interested in it.

Top Free iPhone Backup Viewers [2019 Updated]

The test results show there are 4 apps that you can use for free to browse the contents that stored on iPhone backup, including Joyoshare trial version, iMazing free trial, Dr.Fone free trial, iBackup Viewer.

This app list will be updated if there are some big changes, and we’ll remove anyone who charges for backup previewing.

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Trail Version

Joyoshare is one of the excellent free iTunes backup viewers I found that people could use to access the contents and files from iTunes backup. This app runs on Windows and Mac to get all your iPhone backups saved on your computer, and help you preview and extract the contents on the backup compressed files.

And this could be very helpful if you don’t want to restore using the default method to spread out all files on your iPhone screen.

iPhone backup viewer - Joyoshare
Free iPhone backup viewer – Joyoshare

Supported file types:

Messages, Contacts, Call History, Notes, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Voicemail, Photos, Voice Memos, App Photos, App Videos, App Document, WhatsApp, Viber, and Kik.


  • Supports both Windows and Mac computer to get iTunes backup.
  • Works well to access in iOS 11 and iOS 12 backups.
  • Find the locations of your local iPhone backup files.
  • Can preview your personal info, media, docs and SNS data on backups.


  • Can’t access the iCloud backup.
  • It charges for extracting files from backup.

iMazing Trail Version – Free iTunes Backup Browser

For iPhone backup viewing, iMazing does a good job. Just like Joyoshare, iMazing helps you quickly preview photos, messages, contacts, call history and other file types from iPhone backup to your computer desktop or a specific folder.

iMazing - iPhone backup extract feature
iMazing – iPhone backup extract feature

This app is worth trying since it has stable performance, and it provides you with many useful features to manage content on your iOS device besides browsing an iPhone backup.  You can go to my collected iPhone transfer software to know more about this app.

Supported file types:

Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Call History, Voicemail, Notes, Voice Memos and other App Data.


  • 100% free for browsing content on all iTunes backup.
  • Well compatible with the new iOS 12.1.4 backup.
  • Supports Windows and Mac systems.
  • Nice design and lots of useful features.


  • It’s not free if you want to extract from backup.
  • Can’t view iCloud backup contents.

Disclosure: These apps are free to browse and preview contents in iOS backups, but the apps are not free for all their features.

How Did I Test the Apps to View iPhone Backup?

I’ve reviewed some iPhone recovery software before. And I know that most of iPhone recovery apps are able to preview and extract contents from iPhone backup. Therefore I re-tested these apps and added some new ones, such as iMazing and Joyoshare, to have the test.

I’ve made several backups using my new iPhone XS and old iPhone 6 before starting the tests. Installed more than 10 backup extractor tools on a MacBook 2017 and a ThinkPad laptop to get the contents on my iTunes backup and iCloud backup.

And I checked whether the free version of these apps could access the data hidden in the backup files, and what data types it supports to view. There are two kinds of backup files that iPhone users use, the iTunes backup and iCloud backup. I tested the ability of these apps on browsing both of these backup types.

How to Recover Photos / Password from iPhone Photo Vault Apps

There are plenty of iPhone photos vault apps, including the Private Photo Vault, Secret Calculator, App Locker, and NQ Vault. They are very helpful to protect secret pictures and files using a PIN, a pattern or a Touch ID. However, there is a possibility that people may forget the password to bypass the photo vault apps on iPhone. And it’s also possible that people may delete photos and videos from the app by accident.

So what if these accidents happen to you, how can you get back the lost or deleted photos from the Photo Vault or Lock Apps?

Forgot Passcode to Private Photo Vault App
Forgot Passcode to Private Photo Vault App

Here, I’ll tell about how secret apps hide photos and give some tricks to quickly get back deleted photos from the iPhone Private Photo Vault or similar apps, as well as some tips to recover a forgotten password.

How the Photo Vault, Secret Calculator or App Locker apps hide your photos on iPhone?

I looked for the answer to this question from some app developers. And I got some feedback saying,

The Photo Vault app will create some non-visible file extensions that are only accessible via the app. In fact, they didn’t encrypt the pictures, videos, and files. And they just use the passcode to stop you from accessing the files hidden behind. So some file explorer apps may be able to bypass these photo vault or lock apps to get the hidden pictures without using the passcode.

Surely, even if you deleted the pictures from the app, there are still some potential solutions available since you may have made an iPhone backup recently which contains your lost photos.

How to recover accidentally deleted photos from iPhone photo vault app?

As we are known, app data can be saved with an iPhone backup using iTunes or iCloud. And in this way, the photos and files you saved to Photo Vault app or secret apps might have been also saved to your iPhone backup, so there is a chance you could get back your removed app data from the iPhone backup.

1. For People Using iCloud

So how to check whether you’ve ever backed up photos on the photo vault app? In fact, it’s easy to get it by going to Settings > Your Profile > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > your iPhone name > Check whether you’ve backup data on your Photo Vault app.

If it shows that your deleted photos are saved there, then you can restore iPhone to get back the deleted files. But it should be noted that the restore process would get all data from backup to your iPhone and replace everything on your device, which means you may lose those data you didn’t backup.

2. For People Using iTunes

Similarly, if you’ve ever created an iTunes backup of your iPhone, you got another chance to restore your deleted photos. And for details on restoring, you can go to

How to bypass the Photo Vault App to get hidden photos without Password?

Sometimes you may forget the passcode or pattern used to unlock the Photo Vault app. In this situation, how can you get the hidden files?

1. How to recover passcode for iPhone Photos Vault or Lock apps?

Actually, some apps, such as the Private Photo Vault, will require you to set a recovery email address for the accident of forgetting the passcode.  If you’ve ever set the recovery email address, it’s easy to get back the passcode.

2. How to bypass file vault of lock apps on iPhone?

Surely, if you didn’t set the recovery email, it is still possible that you could use some iPhone file browser apps to get back the hidden files. For example, some iPhone transfer software and some backup extractor apps help get the pictures saved behind those photo vault apps.

Top 3 Free iPhone Photo Vault Apps You May Like in 2019

To keep your private photos always hidden from others on your iPhone, here I provide you with some best photo vault apps, all of them are free and easy to use.

With the world-leading cameras equipped, your iPhone enables you to take high-quality pictures of everything around, like the food, your family, as well as some personal selfies. Surely you may like some taken photos being hidden deep in the iOS system. (Yeah, maybe some sexy pics). Then how can you make it in a safe and secret way?

Congratulations! A very large number of apps can do the job.

Such as the Private Photo Vault. (It is able to lock your photos safe behind password PIN, and keep your files hidden from other.)

Surely, it is just one of free iPhone photo vault apps. And you will get more similar in this post. Just check my reviews of these apps and then download them from App Store to have a free trial.

  1. Top 3 Free iPhone Photos Vault Apps Comparison
  2. Private Photos Vault – Pic Safe
  3. Secret Calculator – Fake Vault & Private Photo
  4. Locker: Hide Photo, Hide Apps

Top 3 Free iPhone Photos Vault Apps Comparison

To help you easily choose one perfect app to hide your private pictures and videos, here we made a comparison table. It gives our rating of these photos vault apps with some details you may like to know.

My Reviews My Rating Hide Photos Ads Inserted
Private Photo Vault ★★★★☆ Free Yes
Secret Calculator  ★★★★☆ Free No
Locker ★★★☆☆ Free Yes

Read on to know more about the screenshots, the advantages and the disadvantages of these photo vault apps via clicking the app’s name.

Private Photo Vault  – Pic Safe

This iPhone photo vault program is one of the free apps developed by Legendory Software Labs LLC to protect your personal pictures and videos hidden from others. It has more than 276 thousand users’ reviews, with good ratings – near 5 stars. Thus it can be one of the top free Photo Vault app for iOS users.

Private Photos Vault App for iOS
Private Photo Vault App for iOS

The Advantages

Private Photo Vault is in a small size of 41 MB. After you download and firstly run this app, it will ask you to create a Passcode to hide files, as well as suggest you set up recovery email in case of forgetting the PIN by accident, very considerable!

The free version allows you to create 2 albums including passcode-encrypted album to store your secret files,  even nudes or porn pictures, which means even some hacker got the passcode to access this app, they still cannot get photos in your passcode-protected album.

Create secret album with Private Photo Vault
Create a secret album with Private Photo Vault

Besides passcode, Private Photo Vault also allows you to set Touch ID as an alternative to access your photo vaults.

The Disadvantages

The disadvantages of this app I found are the outdated interface design and the pop-up ads requiring you to get its pro version. However, it’s not important if all photos and videos could safely be hidden there. After all, we need more basic features, not something gaudy.

About It’s Paid Version

It has one pro version named Private Photos Vault Pro, costing $4.99, and offers you additional features like removing ads, creating unlimited albums, transferring photos wirelessly, break-in report and pattern lock, etc.

Secret Calculator – Fake Vault & Private Photo

This app pretends to be one real calculator app appearing on your iPhone home screen. But actually, it is one of perfect photo vault apps that you can use to hide pictures, and even videos and contacts. And Secret Calculator also has a private browser that you can use to browse any sites you prefer.

Secret Calculator
Secret Calculator

The Advantages

  • Has a fake interface.
  • Complete free.
  • Without In-App Purchases.
  • Without Built-in ads.

The Disadvantages

  • The passwords can’t be reset.
  • No passwords restore methods.

the developer of Secret Calculator, Raman Kupryianchyk, also provides another similar app named Photo Vault: Hide Photos. And it has the same features, except there is no mask of a fake calculator.

Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

Locker by SmoothMobile, LLC. is another near 5 stars, free photo vault program available on App Store. Similar to Private Photo Vault, Locker is also capable of locking down your pictures and videos using the passcode and touch ID.

It allows you to import photos and videos from photo library to this vault app. Or you can directly take photos using this app, and the photos will be stored in this secret app.

Lock photos with Locker app on iPhone
Lock photos with Locker app on iPhone

The Advantages

  • The photo vault feature is completely free.
  • Allows hiding photos, videos, and apps.
  • Supports passwords and fingerprint lock methods.
  • Simple to use, and nice design.

The Disadvantages

  • Has no restore method to recover your forgotten password.
  • You can’t change the password.

How to Recover Photos / Password from iPhone Photo Vault Apps