How to Backup and Restore iPhone in macOS Catalina If iTunes Be Killed

While there is no iTunes available in the coming macOS Catatina, how can your backup and restore your iPhone on a Mac? Get the answer in this post.

Apple WWDC announced the news of iTunes being killed in the macOS Catalina. Three different apps will replace the media management feature of iTunes. The iOS backup and restore feature will go to the finder, continuing serving you to back up your valuable information and files.

So how to use the Finder to manually backup iPhone to macOS Catalina? Are there any differences?

Being one of Apple developers, I am able to download the beta installer to get the first hand of macOS Catalina. The test shows the process of making an iPhone backup in Catalina is almost the same as it in the previous macOS.

The only difference is that all work on the Finder app, instead of iTunes. And you can follow me to experience the new iPhone backup and restore process below.

1. Go to Finder, then find your iPhone under the section of Locations.

Use finder to get your iPhone
Use finder to get your iPhone

2. After you click your iPhone and then the General, you can find the Back Up Now option helping you make iPhone backup. The following process is the same as it goes using the iTunes app.

Back up iPhone in macOS Catalina
Back up iPhone in macOS Catalina

The Restore Backup…, still play the role of letting you restore the device from the backup you’ve created. The difference is that a new button named Manage Backups helps you quickly manage the iOS backups on your Mac computer. (This button is previously not provided. )

The backup feature on previous Mac iTunes
The backup feature on previous Mac iTunes


Although the iTunes app is gone from the coming macOS, the basic features of iTunes still exist on the separated apps, like music and finder. For someone who thought iTunes is bloated, this change could be good news. since it makes the thing simple to manage specific data across Apple devices.

For people who are willing to back up data to a Mac computer, the new macOS Catalina still works using the new Finder, and this method is simple, reasonable and natural, and people will quickly get used to it.

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