iOS 10.3 Features: APFS, Change App Icons and Find My AirPods

Now all iOS 10.3 beta users can update to the final version of iOS 10.3. So what the new iOS 10.3 update will bring to you? Here are something I know about the features of iOS 10.3.

Change app icon

In Apple Developer API documents, it says iOS 10.3 beta enables developers to change iOS apps’ icons using the parameters function “setAlternateIconName”. That’s means you can change app’s icon without jailbreak after the iOS 10.3 final version release.

change app icons
change app icons in iOS 10.3 (image from

Find My AirPods

Apple released wireless earbuds are easy to lose. Thus Apple add one feature on iOS 10.3 Find My iPhone app to help you find your lost AirPods just like finding my iPhone or Mac. It will show your earphone’s location and play load sounds from your earphone using this new service.

find my airpods
iOS 10.3 feature – find my airpods

Verizon iCloud-connected calling

This is a big change and benefit for Verizon customer who using iOS 10.3 beta. It’s said that if you are a Verizon iOS 10.3 user, you can receive an iPhone call on your Mac and iPad or other Apple device using the same iCloud account as your iPhone, even your iPhone and other devices are not in the same Wi-Fi network.

verizon icloud connecting calling
verizon icloud connecting calling (image from

APFS (Apple file system)

After updating to iOS 10.3 operating system, the file system of your iOS device(s) will be automatically upgraded from old HFS+ to the new Apple File System (APFS). According to Apple, this new system would be more safe and fast than HFS+. But once updating, this system can’t be downgraded to previous HFS+. So you’d better backup device before installing new system.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Between Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used chatting apps on smartphones, and you may have stored lots of chats on your Android device. During switching from Android to iPhone, you may like to move all your WhatsApp chat history and attached images from the Android device to your new iPhone. But you may have found it’s not easy to make it via WhatsApp Backup and Restore.

You may have got a few apps to transfer WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS, but do they really work? We’ll cover these in this post.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Backup & Restore to get chat history from Android to iPhone?

We’ve tried to follow a tutorial, using iCloud Drive to backup WhatsApp chats on Samsung Galaxy S7 and then restore the backup to the iPhone 8, but it failed. We found iOS won’t support restore WhatsApp Chats from iCloud drive to iPhone. We got stuck on this step. 

The backup way for WhatsApp data varies from the mobile operating system. The iOS devices use its default backup service iCloud to backup and restore WhatsApp chats. So it’s impossible to directly restore WhatsApp to iPhone from Google Drive used to make backups for Android devices.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages and Attaches to New iPhone

WhatsApp setting enables you to backup your chats and when you set up WhatsApp on another mobile phone, you can restore that chats from the backup.

Step 1

On Android phone, run WhatsApp Messenger and go to settings to backup Chats.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone
Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone – Credit from CNET
Step 2

Download and install WhatsApp on your iPhone 7.

Step 3

Run WhatsApp on iPhone, and set up with your WhatsApp account. Then restore chats from backup.

How to Transfer Android App to iPhone with Cached Data

Got a new Apple iPhone XS or XR? Is there a way to move your loved app with its cached data to your new iPhone from an Android smartphone?  Let’s talk about the methods to transfer apps from android to iPhone.

Is Move to iOS app able to transfer apps and app data?

Apple Move to iOS app will be definitely one of the best Android to iPhone transfer apps to migrate data to your new iPhone. This app is developed by Apple inc, and you can use it to copy all messages, contacts, calendars and some apps to your iOS device.

However, as Apple says, this Move to iOS app transfers only some free apps from android to iPhone, not including paid apps and app data. In fact, what Move to iOS do is just search and download apps from App Store again using the apps’ name on your old Android.

How to transfer apps and apps data to new iPhone?

It’s hard to move all apps from Android to iOS devices. And you have to purchased again on the App Store to get apps on your new iPhone. To moving app data, there is no easy way.

It seems that all depends on app itself. And you’ll find some apps supports app data migrating like WhatsApp, and you have to know whether your apps have data migrating feature.

Do you want to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone? Read our post about how to transfer WhatsApps between phones.

macOS Sierra Update Problem: Storage Still Calculating

When checking your Mac storage usage, you may found that you dropped into a MacOS Sierra update issue: the Storage keep calculating there and has no response. ShimonLeb recently reported this issue and asked for help about this Mac problem.

Sierra Storage Stuck on Calculating
macOS Sierra Storage Stuck on Calculating

This issue came after updating Mac computer to new macOS Sierra beta, and many users replied saying that they also meet the similar problems, and sometimes it couldn’t be solved even they updated to Version 10.12.1 and 10.12.2.

Potential Solutions to Fix “Calculating” Issue on macOS Sierra

  1. Wait and Wait. Some users said it could be fixed automatically after some hours or days. It may be the compatibility of the new Mac Operating System, and it need more time for it to calculate and analyze data on your Mac hardware.
  2. Remove some large files you don’t use. A few users said the storage stopped calculating after deleting Garage Band app: /Applications/, /Library/Application Support/GarageBand.  
  3. Do a Spotlight reindex.
  4. Disable iCloud Drive.
  5. Delete an iTunes Extras file under the movies tab in iTunes
  6. Update to upcoming Version 10.12.3.
  7. Restore Mac and set it as a new Mac. (Not a good way because it will erase your device and lose everything)